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Professional Groomers in Dallas, OR

Grooming is performed by our professionally trained and highly qualified staff. Our goal at The Shaggy Dog Inc is to help your dog to look and feel his or her best.

Our invigorating, oxygenating hydro-massage bathing system mixes water, air, and shampoo together to lift dirt, dander and dead hair from your dog's coat, leaving him squeaky clean and fresh smelling. We use only premium quality, all natural shampoos and conditioners.

Baths include:
Brush-out, nail trim, foot hair trimming, ear swabbing, anal gland expression, bath and blow dry. We will also trim feathers, ruffs, ears, etc. if this service is requested. Prices are dependent on breed, size, and condition of dog.

Grooms include:
Clip to owners specification, nail trim, ear swabbing, anal gland expression, bath and blow dry. Prices are dependent on breed, size, style of clip, and condition
of dog.

Good grooming should also include special attention to ears, feet and teeth.

Ears: Although dogs with floppy ears are more prone to ear infections, any dog can get an ear infection. Removing wax build-up and excess hair that grows at the base of the ear canal allows the air to enter and help keep the ears dry. Regular cleaning can help prevent infection.

Feet: Nails that are allowed to grow too long can cause pain and make walking difficult. Most dogs should have their nails clipped about every four to six weeks, although some breeds and individual dogs require less frequent nail care. Many long coated dog breeds have excess hair that grows between the pads of their feet. This hair can collect dirt, pitch, salt, etc., causing matting, discomfort and possible infections. Removal of this hair helps prevent these problems.

Teeth: Dental care is an area of grooming that is often overlooked. Excessive tartar can build up on the teeth causing inflammation and infections that may lead to tooth loss or organ failure. Regular tooth brushing is a good way to supplement professional cleaning that is performed by the dogs' veterinarian.

Additional Services:

- Medicated, hypo-allergenic, and flea baths
- Teeth brushing is available by request.
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